Running Routes

Goodwin-Fulwood Rd-Endcliffe Pk-Clarkhouse Rd - 5km - Difficulty: Easy

Run past the Endcliffe Village, through Endcliffe Park and back.

Goodwin-Fulwood Rd-Porter Valley-Fulwood Rd - 11km - Difficulty: Easy

As flat as it gets, slightly uphill out and downhill back.

Goodwin-Sandygate Rd-Crimicar Ln-Fulwood Rd - 10km - Difficulty: Medium

Steady climb up to The Shiny Sheff, followed by a quick decent and flat last few kilometres back to Goodwin.

Goodwin-Barber Rd-Bolehill Rec-Crookes Rd - 5km - Difficulty: Hard

Steep uphill to begin with and a long descent towards the end.

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