Club Records


Performances that have been achieved while competing for the University in a team event are eligible for club record purposes. Open meetings do not count as students often enter these as representing their home athletics club and keeping track of this over past years is an impossible task.

Currently all BUCS events count, as do Steel Cup, Varsity and any other non-open events that we may compete in. For example, in the past there was a separate Northern Universities championships and there was an outdoor equivalent to the Steel Cup in Leeds about 8 years ago. Searching through archives is still ongoing, so if anyone knows of a performance that is not listed here then please get in touch with us  at

The records are for Indoor Track, Outdoor Track and also Road and Cross Country, both for Male and Female. Abbreviations used are:

UAU - Universities Athletics Union
BUSF - British Universities Sports Federation
BUSA - British Universities Sports Association
BUCS - British Universities & Colleges Sport


Track and Field

Event Athlete Time Competition
100m Daniel Money 10.61 BUSA 99
110mH Andy Gill 14.91 UAU 91
200m Daniel Money 20.80 BUSA 97
400m Richard Knowles 46.83 BUSA 96
400mH David Dempsey 51.72 BUCS 14
800m David Dempsey 1.50.75 BUCS 16
1500m Jonathan Tobin 3.50.43 BUCS 18
3000m Jonathan Collier 8:39.16 Varsity 15
3000mSC Tommy Horton 8.57.09 BUCS 18
3 miles Richard Newble 13.44.6 (=14.14.0 for 5000m) UAU 68
5000m Bill Domoney 14.33.8 UAU 71
10000m Bill Domoney 30.12.8 BUSF 71
4 x 100m Relay Daniel Money, Richard Knowles, Charley Madeira-Cole, Matthew Muggeridge 41.65 BUSA 99
4 x 400m Relay Liam McGivern, Ben Clarke, Harry Russell, Oliver Dane 3.14.71 BUCS 18
High Jump Dave Nolan 2.05m BUSA 98
Long Jump Ricardo Childs 7.23m BUSA 04
Triple Jump Jonathan Sawyers 15.51m BUCS 13
Pole Vault Robin Hill 4.20m BUSA 96
Shot Put Connor Laverty 13.37m BUCS 17
Javelin Felix Hatton 70.99m BUSA 08
Discus Connor Laverty 43.56m BUCS 15
Hammer Barrie Crowther 52.71m UAU 67
Decathlon Ben Clarke 6345 BUCS 18
4 x 400m mixed Ella Barrett, Harry Russell, Alex Chazel, Megan Bates 3.42.54 Varsity 18
Event Athlete Time Competition
100m Yvette Henry 12.04 BUSA 00
100m J.Honick 12.0 (to nearest 10th) BUSF 74
100m T36 Penny Andrews 17.45 Varsity 16
110mH Rosie Marino 14.78 BUCS 12
200m Yvette Henry 24.93 BUSA 02
400m Amy Freeman 55.83 BUSA 05
400mH Hannah Wood 59.15 BUSA 03
880yrds Jane Perry 2.14.0 (=2.13.22 for 800m) BUSF 67
800m Becky Rigby 2.15.21 Varsity 18
1500m Penny Thackray 4.37.36 BUSF 94
3000m Penny Thackray 9.44.54 BUSF 94
2000mSC Jodie Fielder 8.23.32 BUSA 98
5000m Becky Rigby 16.13.56 BUCS 17
10000m Becky Rigby 33.36.7 BUCS 17
4 x 100m Relay Laura Johnson, Stephanie Pike, Annabelle Pask, Heather Carson 50.81 Varsity 17
4 x 400m Relay Holly Horton, Becky Rigby, Ella Barrett, Megan Bates 3.56.11 BUCS 18
4 x 400m mixed Ella Barrett, Harry Russell, Alex Chazel, Megan Bates 3.42.54 Varsity 18
High Jump Lauren Tyrrell 1.66m BUCS 13
Long Jump Jazmin Sawyers 6.07m BUCS 13
Triple Jump Rebecca Cope 11.10m Varsity 16
Pole Vault - - -
Shot Put Emily Ball 12.60m BUCS 17
Javelin Angela King 49.18m BUSF 73
Discus Rebecca Hardy 41.72m BUSF 88
Hammer Ruth Allen 24.14m BUSF 96
Heptathlon Louise White 3418 BUSF 96
Event Athlete Time Competition
60m Ricardo Childs 6.99 BUSA 05
60mH Curtis Mitchell 8.46 Steel Cup 17
200m Richard Knowles 21.49 BUSA 97
400m David Dempsey 48.40 BUCS 14
800m Curtis Robb 1.49.67 BUSA 97
1500m Dom Brown 3:53.54 BUCS 18
3000m Tommy Horton 8:13.77 BUCS 17
4 x 200m Relay Ewan Somerville, Eima Meade, Alex Chazel, Tom Metcalfe 1:29.16 BUCS 18
4 x 400m Relay - 3.37.3 Steel Cup 09
High Jump Curtis Mitchell 1.95m Steel Cup 16
High Jump Sam Hewitt 1.95m BUCS 17
Long Jump Ricardo Childs 7.41m BUSA 05
Triple Jump Charles Madeira-Cole 15.82m BUSA 98
Pole Vault Robin Hill/Kevin Treen 4.40m BUSA 98
Shot Put Connor Laverty 13.67m BUCS 15
Event Athlete Time Competition
60m Yvette Henry 7.69 BUSA 02
60m T36 Penny Andrews 10.56 BUCS 16
60mH Rosie Marino 9.1 Steel Cup 11
200m Yvette Henry 25.77 BUSA 02
400m Ella Barrett 55.78 BUCS 18
800m R Bowen 2.11.49 UAU 93
1500m Sarah McCormack 4.45.1 Steel Cup 10
3000m Becky Rigby 9:47.33 BUCS 18
4 x 200m Relay Ella Barrett, Heather Carson, Laura Johnson, Megan Bates 1:41.58 BUCS 18
4 x 400m Relay - 4.59.3 Steel Cup 09
High Jump Hannah Sargeant 1.70m Steel Cup 11
High Jump Elizabeth Smith 1.70m UAU 93
Long Jump Jazmin Sawyers 6.22m BUCS 13
Triple Jump Rebecca Cope 11.14m BUCS 16
Pole Vault Jennie Hughes 3.10m BUCS 13
Shot Put Emily Ball 13.08m BUCS 17

Cross Country


Individually, J.Hacking won in 1927 and Michael Hamilton won in 1936. Richard Newble won the UAU title and came 5th in the BUSF championships which were both part of the same race in 1967. In 1972, Sheffield won the UAU team prize but were second in the BUSF championships. 


Individually, Hatti Dean is our only female winner in 2005 and Sheffield won the overall team prize in 1997.



University Marathon championships started in the 1980s and our best performances in these championships are:

Male: Graham Gagg in 2011 with a time of 2.45.46
​Female: Jenn Dick in 2007 with a time of 3.09.45 


There was briefly a National University 10k road championships in the 80s but this failed to take off and we’ve seen no results with Sheffield athletes competing. However, in 2012, the University started a Varsity 10k race which counted as points towards Varsity. In 2016 this was cancelled and the 10k that counted towards Varsity was incorporated in the Neurocare Head Start 10k at Rother Valley Country Park. The fastest times since 2012 are: 

Male: Jonathan Collier in 2016 with a time of 32.35
Female: Becky Rigby in 2016 with a time of 35.47

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